Community Hero: Meet helpful and humble Willie Smith

Community Hero: Meet helpful and humble Willie Smith

in #KillieStories September 21, 2018

The Community Hero - with Stewart Trophies - is all about rewarding those, across Ayrshire, that constantly go above and beyond the call of duty and serve their community without thinking about themselves.

This weekend, that prerequisite is more than covered. Step forward, Willie Smith.

Our award winner was nominated by his good friend George Templeton who told us “Willie is 80 and started driving for both the Hospice on Tuesdays & Thursdays, and Ayrshire Cancer Support on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

"The Hospice involvement means collecting patients in the morning for the day unit, and returning to take them home in the afternoon. As I write this, however, he is collecting a gentleman in Catrine and taking him down to the in-patient wards.”

"To give you some background, Cancer Support involves collecting patients in the wider Kilmarnock area, sometimes even down to Ayr and taking them up to the Beatson for treatment, normally 2 - 3 everyday. Willie then waits until they have had treatment and taking them home.

"This would normally involve 3 - 4 hours, however as I found it is a most rewarding activity as the positivity of the people is fantastic and makes your day so special.”

“Willie started with both organisations in 1994 when he sold the farm in Stewarton and has been doing this constantly for the 24 years so is well worthy of this award”

We also spoke to Willie, who played down his amazing commitment.

He said: “I started driving for the Hospice in 1994 having retired early I was a bit bored. I heard the Hospice were looking for a driver and I more or less started right away.

"I enjoy driving and I meet a lot of interesting people. I will continue as long as I have my health because the hospice is a really wonderful place and many people have received great care. I would like to thank the Hospice very much for this great honour.”