Allan Parris: Our community's super Santa

Allan Parris: Our community's super Santa

in #KillieStories December 28, 2018

Saturday’s Community Hero has given Father Christmas a run for his money this festive season by bringing joy to hundreds of East Ayrshire residents.

Kind-hearted Allan Parris helped to amass over 120 sacks of presents for single parents to ensure they could enjoy the holidays.

Over the course of a three-week campaign, Allan (57) was thrilled with the generosity from people in the town.

Coming from a family of nine, Allan came up with the idea after a charity donation on his birthday raised almost £800 towards vouchers for a number of leading supermarkets.

And Killie players also helped out with Allan’s Christmas project with Greg Kiltie delivering boxes of clothes donated by Chris Burke.

"Greg Kiltie came to my door with two boxes full of brand-new t-shirts from Chris Burke and some of the other players," Allan told the Kilmarnock Standard.

"That means adults that are struggling can get a present too. It’s been amazing – you wouldn’t believe it."

After hearing about the project on social media, Chris and Greg felt they could play a small part in helping Allan with his efforts.

Greg Kiltie added: "The work Allan has done is truly amazing and it’s wonderful to see someone in the community use their initiative and pull something like this together.

"Congratulations to him for helping so many people and there’s no doubt that he’s a real Community Hero."