Lee Clark on his new players

Lee Clark on his new players

in #KillieStories July 2, 2016

Lee Clark has high hopes for the club in the seasons to come, aiming to get Kilmarnock into the top six and even pushing for a spot in Europe. To do this he has drastically changed the team introducing 11 new players.

Jamie Cobain, Souleymane Coulibaly, Jordan Jones, Callum McFadzean, Martin Smith and Josh Webb have all signed contracts with the team. While Flo Bojaj, Will Boyle, Jonathan Burn, Oliver Davies and Mark Waddington join the team on loan.


Top left to right: Callum McFadzean, Martin Smith, Josh Webb, Jonathan Burn, Lee Clark, Oliver Davies, Jamie Cobain, Mark Waddington.

Bottom left to right: Souleymane Coulibaly, Jordan Jones, Flo Bojaj, Will Boyle


Along with the 11 new faces joining the club it was announced that the contracts of Rory McKenzie and Miles Addison have also been extended. This follows on from the earlier news that Greg Taylor and Sam Lidington would be remaining with the team. 

Lee Clark explained that to really push the club, “The characteristics of the squad had to change,” continuing that he believes he has created a team that will rise to the challenge as they are all, “prepared to fight no matter what the situation is.”

Visiting the club earlier in the year Josh Webb explained how Lee Clark’s enthusiasm was a big selling point of the club explaining, “He believes in the younger players and really wants us to work hard, he wants us to win games and improve us as players.”

All the new signings are eager to work hard and help Lee Clark reach his long term goals, Souleymane Coulibaly who started his footballing career in Italy told us, “I want to score lots of goals, and if I work hard the goals will come.” His enthusiasm was echoed by Callum McFadzean who is aiming  to score and assist as much as possible in the next season with, Albanian born, Flo Bojaj is aiming for 10 goal before his loan period ends in January.

We will be bringing you interviews with the new players over the next few weeks.