Josh Webb Interview

Josh Webb Interview

in #KillieStories July 4, 2016

Having joined Aston Villa at the age of 10, Josh Webb, is excited for the fresh challenge that the move to Kilmarnock Football Club will bring. Looking forward to playing first team football and experiencing the atmosphere of stadiums across Scotland, Josh spoke to us about his hopes for his first season with the club.

One of the big selling points of the club was the enthusiasm of Lee Clark, Josh explained that when he visited the club earlier in the year he instantly clicked with the attitude of the teams manager telling us, “He believes in the younger players and really wants us to work hard, he wants us to win games and improve us as players.”

Having represented England at U18 level, Josh also played regularly in the NextGen Series U19 competition representing Aston Villa when they won in the 2012/13 campaign.

Hard working and dedicated he believes the club can give him exposure and help him learn, in return he said he would give his best, “I will run myself into the ground. I’m committed, determined and can’t wait to get started.”


Watch our full interview with him below.