Kilmarnock FC continue efforts to become Dementia-friendly

Kilmarnock FC continue efforts to become Dementia-friendly

in #KillieStories November 16, 2017

Kilmarnock FC continued our efforts to become a fully Dementia-friendly club with staff undertaking training sessions.

The training sessions were provided by Alzheimer’s Scotland, in conjunction with the Dementia Resource Centre, based here in Kilmarnock, along with the Kilmarnock Standard.

The initiative provides training to local business in Kilmarnock with the aim of: creating awareness, offering practical information, as well as some hints and tips on helping someone with dementia lead a full and active life. allowing individuals to remain part of their community for longer.

More than 90,000 people in Scotland have been diagnosed with dementia with 2,173 residing in East Ayrshire.

Therefore, initiatives like this are crucial – especially with numbers expected to double within 25 years. Kilmarnock FC is involved in several initiatives to raise awareness and understand how the condition affects people’s lives.

The club is committed to helping see people with dementia supported to live well and contribute in their own community.

During the sessions, our staff were presented with some of the issues that face those with dementia, as well as how to help them overcome such issues. The session was also very interactive, as well as informative, with puzzles and a Q and A session.

Projects such as Football Memories, run by the club and the KCST, allow people to have the confidence to live healthier and longer lives.

Kilmarnock Dementia Resource Centre has purpose built facilities where they deliver a wide range of activities and events in a comfortable, bright, supportive atmosphere.

The group provide person-centred therapeutic activities and work to help all those affected by dementia including families and carers. All this hard work is to make Kilmarnock a more dementia friendly community.

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