Kilmarnock sign up to Scottish LGBT Sports Charter

Kilmarnock sign up to Scottish LGBT Sports Charter

in #KillieStories November 23, 2017

Kilmarnock FC has joined other SPFL teams in signing up to the Scottish LGBT Sports Charter.

The charter includes a set of five principles which aim to remove the barriers to sport for LGBT people.

Football is a sport open to all and we hope to help ensure "Scotland will be a country where everyone can take part, enjoy, and succeed in sport at all levels whatever their sexual orientation and gender identity”. 

Kilmarnock FC chief executive Kirsten Callaghan said: "Kilmarnock Football Club is proud to sign up to the Scottish LGBT charter. Everyone is welcome to attend our matches in line with our club’s strong belief in equality and inclusion.

"Abuse and intolerance of any person based on their sexual orientation or gender identity is simply unacceptable and must be confronted wherever it is found.

"Next week we will stand proudly with our opponents St Johnstone in showing our support for Stonewall Scotland’s Rainbow Laces campaign.

"Sport can be a huge force for good in teaching unity and tolerance and we look forward to helping support the LGBT community through this programme."

Scott Cuthbertson, Development Manager of the Equality Network said, “With over half of SPFL clubs signed up to the LGBT Charter we’ve reached a milestone, but we’ve still a long way to go before we eliminate homophobia from the terraces." 

For more information about Equality Scotland, visit their website.