Gary Dicker on his road to recovery after injury hell

Gary Dicker on his road to recovery after injury hell

in #KillieStories November 27, 2017

Gary Dicker has lifted the lid on his injury frustrations after making his first appearance of the season.

The midfielder came on at half time during the 3-1 loss against Aberdeen as he pulled on the stripes for the first time since May.

An abdominal injury has plagued the 31-year-old this term and while unhappy with the score at Rugby Park, the Irishman reflected on his own personal journey over the past six months.

He said: "It’s been a long few months mentally more than anything. I’m happy to be back but very disappointed with the result.

"It’s the longest I’ve been out to be fair. It was just getting to the bottom of it, some days it affects you because you are here to play and when you are not involved you feel like a spare part as they say.

"Things can get tough especially when we weren’t getting to the bottom of it.

"It felt like a winding road that I couldn’t see the end of. We got there in the end and I’m delighted to be involved."

Dicker has been impressed by the impact of Steve Clarke following the manager's arrival in October.

He added: "He’s a man of few words but when he does speak, you listen.

"I like how he works. His training has been brilliant and the standards he sets and how he goes about his business.

"I think it’s an exciting time to be here. I know we’re not in the best position but I think the longer we can keep him here the better."